Air Travel Tips to Follow During COVID-19

The declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic affected the travel industry in many ways. One of the things that most governments and health ministries advised people to do was stay at home. That means most people canceled their travel plans. But, things have changed as health experts understand this disease. Today, most countries have eased the travel restrictions they had in place, and people can now move from one place to another. However, you must take precautions when flying from one place to another. Here are air travel tips to follow when traveling during COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Fundamentals Still Apply

Since COVID-19 is a global pandemic, it means you can catch the novel coronavirus anywhere, including your travel destination. Therefore, take these precautions when preparing to travel.

  • Check travel requirements or restrictions at your destination
  • Get the COVID-19 vaccination
  • Carry extra supplies like hand sanitizer and masks
  • Avoid traveling if you’re sick
  • Always wear a face mask
  • Avoid touching the nose, mouth, and eyes
  • Keep social distance
  • Be tested before and after traveling

Prepare for Anything

A significant health tip to bear in mind when traveling is to be prepared and pack smart. Ideally, know the items to pack and what to leave behind. Here are some of the must-haves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer to use if you can’t wash your hands.
  • High-protein snacks
  • Cough drops
  • Granola bars
  • Facial moisturizer
  • Eye masks, headphones, or earplugs
  • An additional sweater
  • Supplies for diabetes testing
  • All necessary medications

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks

Some people think stiff drinks can calm their nerves because they suffer from anxiety attacks. However, avoiding alcoholic beverages is a wise idea because it prevents dehydration. Therefore, go for water or decaffeinated drinks when flying.

In addition to these tips, consider flexing your muscles and wearing sunscreen. And if you have any health condition, discuss your travel plans with your physician.

Traveling on a Plane with Infant- Things to Know

Nobody wants to fly with an infant. However, things happen and circumstances that necessitate traveling with an infant arise. If that’s the case for you, here are some of the things that you should know when traveling on a plane with an infant. 

Your Baby Can Turn Fussy 

Your happy baby may turn fussy at once due to sudden strange and noisy surroundings. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to panic. Instead, be composed and try to calm down your baby. But, if that’s not possible, acknowledge the difficulty to other passengers. You can even apologize and some will even help you. 

Your Infant Will Notice Cabin Pressure Changes 

It’s normal for the baby to notice cabin pressure changes. To deal with this, encourage the baby to swallow during takeoff. Also, encourage your infant to swallow during landing. To do this, use a pacifier or a bottle. Even breastfeeding can help. 

Flying Can Dehydrate Your Infant 

Flying can cause dehydration to both infants and adults. However, this happens quickly in infants than in adults. Therefore, try to keep your infant hydrated before, during, and after flying. 

Changing Diapers is Not Easy 

You want to keep the baby comfortable during the flight. However, changing diapers on a flight is not easy. The airplane may have changing tables. However, these are usually very small. They also prove quite tricky when it comes to changing the diapers of larger babies. To overcome this challenge, talk to the flight attendant. They may allow you to change your infant’s diaper on the jump seat. Others can provide a floor space close to the bulkhead or gallery. 

Flight Attendants Can Help 

Don’t feel like you’re bothering the flight attendant when you ask for their assistance. Some flight attendants can even warm the bottle for your baby. Nevertheless, make sure that you check the bottle temperature because the gallery system can make the liquids too hot. 

Flying with an infant shouldn’t be a challenge. You just need to stay calm and seek help when necessary. Most flight attendants understand the challenges that mothers go through when flying with infants. Thus, they are always willing to help. Therefore, don’t hesitate to seek help to make the travel experience better for you and your infant.

What Do Travel Vloggers Do?

In recent years, travel vlogging has continued to gain significant visibility among many travelers and the general public. While it seems just like any other common hobby to some people, travel vlogging is a career with greater economic, social and health benefits.  Travel vloggers primarily create and share travel video content to encourage travel. The following are some of the key duties of travel vloggers. 

Educating the Masses about Travel 

Travel vlogs contain different kinds of travel-related content. They may include videos of historical sites, newly-discovered travel destinations, unique events, and cultures. Travel vloggers can share their travel experiences as well as those of other travelers to inspire informed decision making among beginner travelers and other travel enthusiasts. 

College and university students, especially those studying travel-related courses often use content from travel vlogs for research and writing academic papers. 

There are many things that people can learn from the contents of travel vlogs to increase their knowledge and shape their world views. Besides, the content can also offer greater inspiration for travel. The information acquired from travel vlogs can be useful in several aspects of your personal and career life. 

Promoting the Culture of Traveling 

While some consider it to be a hobby, traveling is a culture fancied by people of all races, age groups, gender, and lifestyles. Most travel vloggers are experienced travelers who have been to a lot of destinations around the world. While the content may express diverse views, the essence is to portray traveling as a worthy course with numerous benefits. As such, they focus on telling stories that will encourage others to travel the world. 

Generally, travel vloggers do many things with regards to traveling. But, their main objective is to tell stories of real-life experiences and unique attractions that present traveling as an ideal opportunity for fun, self-growth, and development. 

Solo Travel – Tips for Going Solo

To beginner travelers, going solo may not seem like the best idea. Some fear that it is boring and comes with lots of unnecessary risks. But, experienced solo travelers and travel experts will tell you that it could be one of the most thrilling experiences. Nevertheless, the following are useful solo travel tips to keep in mind. 

Choose an Interesting Travel Destination 

When planning solo travel, you need to choose a place that can offer the particular attractions and activities that interest you. That will ensure that you stay busy and occupied throughout the trip, thereby preventing boredom. If you are in a place that you love, doing the things that interest you, there are fewer chances you will feel lonely. 

Interact with Other Travelers 

However much you try to stay occupied on the road, you cannot keep top yourself throughout. Interacting with other travelers on the flight, on the bus, train or along the streets can break the monotony and also make the experience more fun. By talking to people, you will also be able to make new friends, boost your confidence and learn a lot about your destination and travel in general. 

Embrace your Own Company 

As they say, it is all in the mind. If you believe that you cannot travel alone, going solo will be quite frustrating. On the other hand, if you have an open mind about solo travels, you will no doubt end up with the best adventure. If you have chosen to travel alone, believe that all will be well and just take on the road! 

Take the Necessary Precautions 

Traveling alone can impact fear, especially if you are visiting a new destination. So, you must exercise caution when exploring the destination to avoid any troubles. Before the trip, do a little research about the destination to know some of the places to avoid visiting alone and the steps to take in case of problems like getting mugged. During solo trips, all you have is yourself, so be sure to watch your back. 

Going solo may seem like a big challenge to some but, you can still turn it into the best adventure of a lifetime. The tips discussed above can help you to achieve that. 

Useful Tips for Using ATMs when You Travel to Europe

ATMs provide the smartest and easiest way for a traveler to get cash in most travel destinations including Europe. Though you will be charged a withdrawal fee, the exchange rate is generally better than that of currency exchange booths. To get a better experience, follow these useful tips provided by Marco Vi of the Dental Coto Clinic Group in Costa Rica as he shares his tips for using ATMs when you travel to Europe. 

Find Cash Machines 

It’s easy to locate cash machines in most places in Europe. That’s because they are found almost everywhere. It’s however important to note that some small towns might lack ATMs. Therefore, if you intend to travel to a rural destination or a small town, stock up on cash. 

Use Bank-Run ATMs 

There are many ATMs that are located outside most banks in Europe. These are the best to withdraw cash from. The best time to use bank-run ATMs is during the opening hours of the bank. This will enable you to get help form the bank in case the machine munches your card. Bank-run ATMs are more secure and they usually don’t charge a fee for their use. You will find ATMs run by banks in small entry lobbies beside them. These protect users from bad weather and snoopers. 

Avoid “Independent ATMs 

Independent ATMs charge high fees. They also use dynamic currency conversion to trick users. Most independent ATMs are located near bank-run ATMs. Their hope is to confuse travelers that do not notice any difference. Some of them even have signs of free withdrawals. However, don’t be fooled by such signs. 

ATMs are easy to use because they provide instructions in the English language. They also operate like the ATMs that you are used to back at home. The only difference is that they spit out cash in a foreign currency. What’s more, the amounts withdrawn are calculated at the standard bank-to-bank rate for the day. 

How to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable

When some people think about traveling, they envision adventures in big cities and having drinks with strangers. However, travel can be more enjoyable if you know what to do. Here are useful tips to make your travel more enjoyable.

Experience the Destination

If you just hole yourself up in your destination result, the exotic location you travel to will lose its magic. Therefore, have fun as you experience the unique culture of the locals in your travel destination. Have conversations with the local people. If you’re not good at having conversations, sit down somewhere and watch the world go by. The things you can learn from paying attention to the smells and sights of your destination will surprise you.

Make Fun Memories

Holidays may be indefinite. However, memories tend to last a lifetime. Focus on creating fun memories that you will look back to and share with family and friends back at home. Engage in activities that create interesting and fun memories. For instance, take jump shots and selfies. Feel comfortable in your own skin and create memories of every moment.

Improvise in Some Cases

Planning your trip comprehensively can inhibit you instead of encouraging you to have more fun when traveling. Therefore, try to avoid rigorous itinerary when you travel and instead enjoy the art of improvising. For instance, you can pick a single or two activities or locations. Spend time away moving with the flow and having fun. Many people complain that they packed too much when traveling leaving them no space for a relaxing holiday.

Remember that the inability to see everything doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Instead of trying to do everything at once, try to make your holiday the most memorable. Spending an entire trip rushing and stressed doesn’t make sense because you travel to unwind and have fun. Therefore, leave free time in your schedule and you will have more fun.

Follow these tips to make your travel more enjoyable. Be open-minded and flexible to learn and have more fun.

How to Make Your Money Last when Traveling

How to Make Your Money Last when Traveling

One of the major concerns for travelers is running out of money while away from home. In fact, Arturo Terrazas of GT Roofing San Antonio once shared with my that this is the reason many people don’t travel because they think that you need a lot of money to travel. However, you can travel and make the money that you budget for the trip last you through the trip. You just need these tips on how to make your money last longer when traveling.

Spend Money Wisely

Don’t spend a lot of money on tours, accommodation or transportation. Instead, look for cheaper accommodation. Also consider walking or using public transportation instead of taxi or hiring a car. You can also hitchhike if possible. On the other hand, spend more money on drinks and foods because you don’t want to eat low quality food and end up with health issues. What’s more, you taste new delicacies and interact with the locals when eating and drinking. But, if possible, stay in an apartment where you can make your own food.

Plan Before You Travel

Conduct some research and plan your trip in advance. You can easily come up with a robust budget that covers you throughout the trip when you plan wisely after conducting some research. For instance, do you intend to book tours, go bungee jumping or engaging in other activities that will cost you money? What do you intend to spend money on when traveling? Answers to such questions will enable you to budget and plan your trip properly. Avoid overspending on things that you didn’t plan for before traveling.

Come up with an Ideal Budget

Come up with a budget that covers what you intend to do when you travel. Create a list of the things that you intend to do and where you will do them. Find out the cost of these things and include it in your budget. Also account for transportation, accommodation, food, insurance, booze, and activities among other things that seem relevant to you.


What are your expectations for the trip? Make sure that the amount that you budget for will enable you to meet the expectations of your trip. Nevertheless, consider ways that enable your trip to meet your expectations while saving money.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

Check the amount that you spend against your budget. Make sure that you are not spending on activities more than you budgeted for. Track expenses on hostel dorms, snacks, and items that you purchase to avoid overspending.

Follow these tips to make your money last longer when traveling.

How to Relax and Enjoy Traveling

How to Relax and Enjoy Traveling

When you travel, you experience new cultures and navigate unfamiliar paths. You put faith in people you don’t know and get out of your comfort zone. This is intrinsic to traveling. However, if you travel with anxiety, you won’t enjoy the experience. Here are useful tips to help you relax and enjoy traveling.

Come up with an Itinerary

Some travelers show up in new places then wing it. However, if you are an anxious person, you want to come up with a well-researched itinerary. You want to know a safe travel destination and when the attractions that you want to see will be open. You also want to know how you can get around a city. This will enhance your confidence and boost your travel experience.

Protect Yourself

Although you can’t plan for all things that can go wrong during a trip, preparing for the most common problems can make you feel secure. So, if you are afraid that you might get sick when traveling, get a good travel insurance policy. This will protect you in case of an injury or illness. If you are afraid that you might lose your passport, get a photo back of all important documents and keep them secure.

Pack Smart

Staying up at night packing for a trip can be stressful. Therefore, come up with a packing list in advance. This will allow you time to make sure that you have included all necessary items in your packing list. Include all items that will enhance your comfort while providing distractions from anxiety during the trip.

Be Positive

It’s normal to think about things that can go wrong when you travel. However, try to be positive. When you get anxious, remember your reasons for going on a trip. Visualize places that you would like to see and adventures that you want to have. Focus on having fun and achieving the goals of your trip.

Basically, there is no reason to let anxiety ruin your trip. Follow these tips to relax and enjoy traveling more.


How Traveling will Help You Live Longer and Healthier

How Traveling will Help You Live Longer and Healthier

If you have always needed an excuse for traveling, it’s good to know that it’s good for your soul, brain, and body. Generally, travel helps with health improvement in many ways. Here’s how traveling will help you live longer and healthier.

Making You Happier and Healthier

Research has shown that when people travel more often, they lower their risk of heart disease and heart attack. That’s because travel enhances happiness. It provides a chance to break away from stressful routines. This provides happiness which is good for your health.

Travel Affects You Positively in Different Ways

Traveling does many things for you in different ways but most of them affect your wellbeing positively. Even dreaming about a vacation and planning a trip provides something to focus on. This alone is a great mood booster.

Travel Encourages Healthy Living

When you travel, you most likely walk around more. You also taste healthy foods at your destination. This is important because traveling enables you to engage in travel activities that you may not engage in when you stay at home. You also incorporate local dishes in your diet that you may not have back at home.

Traveling Exercises the Brain

When you travel, you keep your mind alert because sometimes you may face challenges when finding a way around the map. You may also struggle to communicate with people that speak a language you don’t understand. Even traveling to a new place alone can stimulate your brain and enhance mental focus as well as your memory.

It Makes You Feel Important

When you travel, you get a chance to volunteer to do something good. This makes you feel good. It gives you a sense of importance and purpose because you help people in need.

Basically, traveling forms a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle which can improve the quality and duration of your life.

Why Traveling is Important in Your Life

Why Traveling is Important in Your Life

Traveling brings a wonderful experience. It enables you to relax, explore new environments and create memories. Unfortunately, some people do not travel due to financial constraints, busy work schedules, and family responsibilities. It’s however important to create travel time so that you can break away from your busy schedules. Here are some of the reasons why traveling is important in your life.

Exploring Different Cultures

Travelling gives you an opportunity to explore different cultures and know the people that practice it. For instance, you learn what other people eat and wear as well as what they do and what it signify. You can also attend culture festivals and what they entail.

Getting a Different Perspective

People think that getting an opportunity to attend school and university is all that matters in life. However, this does not apply to everyone. Visiting countries that are not fully developed make you view life from a different perspective. You know the things that you take for granted yet they are a fortune to some people. For example, clean water, modern appliances, opportunity to study, and get well paying jobs are things that you may take for granted yet some people treasure them. Traveling makes you appreciate what you have.

Making New Friends

Travelling gives you an opportunity to make new friends and connect with people from other parts of the world. It’s almost impossible to stay quite while travelling or when touring a new place. There are times when you will need someone to talk to. This will lead you to establishing relationships other travellers and locals.

Learning Different Languages

Travelling to different places gives you a chance to learn different languages. When you interact with the locals and other travelers, you learn about their languages. For instance, they can teach you simple words like please, sorry, thank you and hello. These can go a long way in motivating the locals or showing appreciation.

Taste Different Foods

When you travel, you get an opportunity to taste different delicacies. You can also learn to prepare different foods. If you have time, you can attend cooking classes so that you can prepare the foods when you get back home.

These are some of the reasons why traveling is important in life. Consider them if you have not been traveling. Save some money and check out this site I use often for online bookings.