Choosing Transport Methods during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things in life, including how people travel. Today, travelers spend more time deciding about things like the transport method to use. That’s because some transport modes are safer than others. If torn between air travel, car travel, buses, and trains, here’s what you should know when making your decision.

Air Travel

If you opt to fly, leave home early because you will spend more time in airport terminals and security lines. You’re likely to get close to other travelers and touch surfaces that others frequently touch during this time.

Most germs and viruses don’t spread during flights due to proper air filtration and circulation in airplanes. However, maintaining a safe distance on crowded flights is difficult. Thus, you’re likely to get the virus even if the airplane filters and circulates the air.

Traveling on Trains and Buses

When traveling on trains and buses for a long time, you can stand or sit within 2 meters or 6 feet of others. And this can increase the risk of catching the virus. Therefore, wear face masks and sanitize or wash your hands more often to avoid catching the virus. Also, keep a safe distance in bus and train stations.

Traveling in a Car

Even when traveling in a car with only your family members, you can catch the coronavirus when you stop for food, bathroom breaks, and gas. That’s because you and your companions could get close to other people and surfaces that other travelers touch more often. When traveling in a recreational vehicle, you might stop fewer times for bathroom breaks and food. However, you could still interact with other people when getting supplies or gas and at the RV parks.

No travel method is safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, take precautions and follow the health experts’ guidelines like wearing masks, maintaining safe social distance, and washing hands or sanitizing more often.

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