Traveling on a Plane with Infant- Things to Know

Nobody wants to fly with an infant. However, things happen and circumstances that necessitate traveling with an infant arise. If that’s the case for you, here are some of the things that you should know when traveling on a plane with an infant. 

Your Baby Can Turn Fussy 

Your happy baby may turn fussy at once due to sudden strange and noisy surroundings. However, this shouldn’t be a reason to panic. Instead, be composed and try to calm down your baby. But, if that’s not possible, acknowledge the difficulty to other passengers. You can even apologize and some will even help you. 

Your Infant Will Notice Cabin Pressure Changes 

It’s normal for the baby to notice cabin pressure changes. To deal with this, encourage the baby to swallow during takeoff. Also, encourage your infant to swallow during landing. To do this, use a pacifier or a bottle. Even breastfeeding can help. 

Flying Can Dehydrate Your Infant 

Flying can cause dehydration to both infants and adults. However, this happens quickly in infants than in adults. Therefore, try to keep your infant hydrated before, during, and after flying. 

Changing Diapers is Not Easy 

You want to keep the baby comfortable during the flight. However, changing diapers on a flight is not easy. The airplane may have changing tables. However, these are usually very small. They also prove quite tricky when it comes to changing the diapers of larger babies. To overcome this challenge, talk to the flight attendant. They may allow you to change your infant’s diaper on the jump seat. Others can provide a floor space close to the bulkhead or gallery. 

Flight Attendants Can Help 

Don’t feel like you’re bothering the flight attendant when you ask for their assistance. Some flight attendants can even warm the bottle for your baby. Nevertheless, make sure that you check the bottle temperature because the gallery system can make the liquids too hot. 

Flying with an infant shouldn’t be a challenge. You just need to stay calm and seek help when necessary. Most flight attendants understand the challenges that mothers go through when flying with infants. Thus, they are always willing to help. Therefore, don’t hesitate to seek help to make the travel experience better for you and your infant.

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