Useful Tips for Using ATMs when You Travel to Europe

ATMs provide the smartest and easiest way for a traveler to get cash in most travel destinations including Europe. Though you will be charged a withdrawal fee, the exchange rate is generally better than that of currency exchange booths. To get a better experience, follow these useful tips provided by Marco Vi of the Dental Coto Clinic Group in Costa Rica as he shares his tips for using ATMs when you travel to Europe. 

Find Cash Machines 

It’s easy to locate cash machines in most places in Europe. That’s because they are found almost everywhere. It’s however important to note that some small towns might lack ATMs. Therefore, if you intend to travel to a rural destination or a small town, stock up on cash. 

Use Bank-Run ATMs 

There are many ATMs that are located outside most banks in Europe. These are the best to withdraw cash from. The best time to use bank-run ATMs is during the opening hours of the bank. This will enable you to get help form the bank in case the machine munches your card. Bank-run ATMs are more secure and they usually don’t charge a fee for their use. You will find ATMs run by banks in small entry lobbies beside them. These protect users from bad weather and snoopers. 

Avoid “Independent ATMs 

Independent ATMs charge high fees. They also use dynamic currency conversion to trick users. Most independent ATMs are located near bank-run ATMs. Their hope is to confuse travelers that do not notice any difference. Some of them even have signs of free withdrawals. However, don’t be fooled by such signs. 

ATMs are easy to use because they provide instructions in the English language. They also operate like the ATMs that you are used to back at home. The only difference is that they spit out cash in a foreign currency. What’s more, the amounts withdrawn are calculated at the standard bank-to-bank rate for the day. 

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